"There are two kinds of people in the world. 

Those who think they can and those who think they can't.

And both are right."

Henry Ford

"If you want to
change  the world,
pick up your pen
and write."

Martin Luther

Create stories, articles, and books
your target audience can't wait to read

A note from me

I'm currently coming back after a year spent dealing with breast cancer. Before that, I was busy writing books as well as editing 5 Hot Apple Cider Books. Details here. All that to say I haven't been keeping this site up for several years. However, I still feel there are useful posts on it, and I'm slowly updating it. 

N. J. Lindquist

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I’ve been writing since I was tiny. And over the years, I’ve probably made every mistake possible. Okay, maybe not every mistake. But a whole lot of them! Plus I have a medal in English, and I taught English in a high school. So I know a little bit about good writing and grammar and (Continue Reading)


Honestly, if all we had to write with were notepads and typewriters, I’d be the most frustrated writer alive. I love technology and all the things it helps me do! So here are the 10 tools I’d have great difficulty living without. 1. Multiple computer screens I’ve only had two screens for a couple of (Continue Reading)

A Few Topics 

Where to Find IDeas


Most of our writing revolves around people in some form or another, so it makes sense that many of our ideas come from people. It might be someone we know, or it might be a total stranger we happen to run across once. The idea could be as comprehensive as discovering something about your mother


Most people are passionate about something. That passion often leads them to learn a lot about that particular subject, and gives them a desire to pass on their knowledge or understanding to others. This is one of the most common ways people find their ideas. Out of their lives, and values, they think of something they



While working on my LoveChild memoir, I found the family photos my mother had kept invaluable.


Assuming the reader knows who you are is one of the most common mistakes I see both in personal stories and fiction. When using the first person point of view, many writers just start telling the story, assuming that the reader knows who “I” is. I mean, the writer knows who “I” is, so why



In this webinar, I share some key elements I’ve learned over the years that will help writers or aspiring understand the big picture. In the future, I’ll be going into a lot more detail on all of these things.   Download a free 2-page pdf that will help you remember the 10 Essentials Note: These


Before you send a manuscript to an editor, an agent, or the person who does your layout, there are some things you can do to make sure that everything is as it should be. Many new writers and even some more experienced ones aren’t aware of things like hidden characters, using one space between sentences

About This Website

Hi, I'm N. J. Lindquist.

I'm the award-winning author of various kinds of books, short stories, personal experience stories, newspaper columns, blogs, and more.

I'm also the editor and co-publisher of the Hot Apple Cider Books.

Since 1992, I've been teaching workshops for writers across Canada and occasionally in the US. I created this website so I could pass along some of my thoughts on writing.

You can check out my own writing at https://njlindquist.com

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