As more and more books are published by individuals or by companies who want the manuscript to be near-perfect when it arrives, the one thing that is less likely to happen is good editing. I’m talking about the kind of editing where someone who is an expert in the genre takes apart the manuscript and

Substantive editing: the all-too-often missing ingredient

Is your goal for being on Twitter to convince me to buy your product? If you said yes, it’s okay. However, my question for you is this: “What if I’ve already done it?” I’ve either bought your product or checked it out and decided it really isn’t for me. Now what? If all you do,

When your sole Twitter goal is to sell your product

Coming purely from the perspective of a “Follower” on Twitter, my last two posts have addressed some of the things that make me “unfollow” people. Here are some short random things I hate, most of which will make me eventually unfollow you. 1. Posting quotations from other people (usually famous) with no explanation as to

8 random things that make me “unfollow” people on Twitter

Yesterday I talked about how to improve your chances of selling me something on Twitter. Today it’s about using links. And why I don’t like being told what to do. Okay, I get it. You want me do something (read this, buy this, look at this, etc.). But all too often, you don’t tell me

How to make me want to check out your link on Twitter

I’ve been on Twitter pretty well since it began in 2006. And most of the time, I love Twitter. I use it to follow people or businesses or teams that I’m actually interested in. I find it cool that I can sometimes connect with someone who I’d never have a chance to connect with otherwise.

How to improve your chances of selling me something on Twitter