About me

Every day, I see published books and articles that could be so much better.

Sometimes the story or the information is so good that I almost cry. I see so many possibilities. And usually the problems could be fixed.

I’ve also talked to a lot of people who want to write, but are held back because they’re overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin.

What I really want is for everyone to write whatever they’re passionate about to the very best of their ability and not settle for “good enough.”

Yes, I know that by saying this, I’m leaving myself open. I’m sure you’ll find mistakes and glitches on this site and in my writing. However, I already know I’m not perfect, and I also know that one of the key ways to get better is by having my mistakes pointed out, so I’m actually okay with that. 🙂

Who am “I”?

I’m N. J. Lindquist (aka J. A. Menzies) and this is my website for writers and aspiring writers.

These days there’s a lot of focus on marketing and finding your audience, and writing blogs with catchy key words and so forth. While I’m certainly not saying those things aren’t important, I’m concerned that the quality of what is written might be neglected in the rush to get work out there.

So on this site, the primary focus is going to be on the quality of the writing.

Click on the categories at the top of the page if you’re looking for information on a specific area. Not all are populated yet, but they will be.

Topics I’ll focus on include:

“The art, craft, business and ministry of writing”

“Get to know the writer in you”

“Get organized to write”

“Why writers need editors”

“Recycle your personal experiences”

“Write a novel that keeps readers reading”

“Write a mystery”

“Write a memoir readers can’t put down”

“Writers need a team”

If you’re wondering what I know about writing, please watch the videos below.


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